Your Postpartum body does not have to be permanent. You can get stronger and improve the strength of your postpartum body with proper breathing and form!!

In the next 4 weeks workout from home or at the gym and learn proper corrective exercise to help transform your overall body composition.

Program Overview

In the next 4 weeks you will learn how to move through certain strength based movements to help you improve on form, function, and balance. The purpose of the Restore Your Body program is to teach you the basics about how to breathe properly with exercise, how to properly engage your core, and how to maintain intra-abdominal pressure in your core during exercise. After 6 weeks you will be able to breathe with functionality and balance in your core and maintain your core pressure during exercise & advanced movements.

  • Program designed to teach you how to breathe correctly and build strength through simple movements to enhance overall body composition.

  • Step by Step Video Tutorial (at home exercise) teaching you the CORRECT METHOD of exercise and #1 TECHNIQUE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to heal your Diastasis Recti (Mommy Tummy) to improve functionality of your core

  • Weekly Group Workouts with Coach to help you stay accountable

  • Private Support Team of Moms along the journey with you

Meet your Coach


Dominique Quarles

Hi! I'm Dominique Quarles, Certified Pre-Post Natal trainer and Fitness Coach. I have trained for 6 years and helped over 400+ women reach their fitness goals. I began my fitness journey in 2015 after the birth of my first daughter. I was in a dark space battling with postpartum depression and feeling hopeless. Fitness was my saving grace. Exercise made me feel whole again, and it gave me a boost in loving myself again. In 2017, I decided to get involved in training other women. Helping women feel confident in themselves and loving their body gave me fulfillment. This footprint birth the creation of AlphaBabe Fitness. As the CEO, I promote body positivity and mental strength. As an AlphaBabe creator, my goal is to teach you that being strong is sexy, and owning your body (whatever stage and size) is the powerful force that promotes healthy confidence within.​

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